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Welcome to the blog for my new company, BENEWAH CREEK OUTFITTERS.

My company will be offering apparel  and gear for outdoor enthusiasts from many disciplines –   hunters, fishermen, hikers, firearm and bow enthusiasts, and history reenactors, just to name a few.

I am presently in the research and development stage of developing my company,  and I would really like to know what you are looking for in apparel and gear.

What is that One feature that makes an item so usable to you?  What is it that you keep looking for but can never find?  I would love to know what You are looking for in the clothing and gear you enjoy using.  Are you looking for a special fabric, pockets in certain places, perhaps a certain style that isn’t offered anymore?  Maybe you prefer snaps, buttons, Velcro, a vintage style from WWII, or the newest and tacti-coolest?

I truly want to know.  I want to offer products that are inspired by my customers and used with enthusiasm!   Products that make my customers happy.

I know many of you have an article of clothing or a piece of gear that you particularly like, but that item is either starting to wear, or perhaps is hanging together by a hope and a promise.  Try as you may, you can’t find a replacement for that article anymore.  The original company has discontinued the item, and you can’t find anything, anywhere, that comes close to the article you like using.  I may be able to fabricate the features you love from your worn item into a new piece of clothing or gear.

So, I invite you to submit your comments telling me about the features you like to see and use in your Outdoor apparel and gear.  I’ll do my best to see if I can make it happen.